A Dane with an international mindset, Annegrete has traveled the world and resettled in Copenhagen in 2011 after 15 years abroad (London, Spain, Mexico, Peru). She is a self-motivated and committed communication designer with proven skills in all aspects of communication design and facilitation: research, creative methods and processes, workshop and seminar facilitation, implementation, project management, and is an effective communicator in person and writing.

Effective communication
Identifying and developing intrinsic motivation lies at the heart of effective communication. Annegrete’s personal approach aims at identifying and respecting the different needs and motivation of participants and stakeholders in any situation. This provides the essence for reflecting on your practice, generating ideas and developing your innovation based on practice-led research.

Practice-led research and innovation
Annegrete developed her expertise in Practice-led research as a PhD candidate and associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London. This research approach helps professional practitioners reflect on their practice and innovate new methods, tools, processes and outcomes. Her PhD (2010) analyses diagrams in science textbooks. This leads to recommending co-operative design practice in Educational publishing to improve the visuals. As an approach for innovation, Practice-led research offers great methods for improving your practice, product, and services.

Professional practice
Annegrete’s professional experience includes exhibition design for a national museum (Mexico), and Taquile – a self portrait, a self-initiated project with digital photo workshops for the indigenous community of the island Taquile in the Titicaca Lake (Peru). The latter culminated in a series of exhibitions in Taquile, Lima, and Copenhagen (2005-6), and demonstrates how local communities can engage in a social development process through visual methods.

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