Would you like to ignite engagement with your service or subject through creative and effective communication?

Annegrete generates innovation within educational settings, commercial businesses and local communities. Creative methods, systems thinking and effective communication are her core services; helping you increase your target audience’s engagement with your message, service, or product.

Practice-led innovation

Effective innovation emerges from reflecting on your current practice (working methods, processes and outcomes), generating ideas for improvements, and implementing the ideas in your future practice. By bring­ing attention and presence to relations between people, their motivation, and environments, we collaborate to explore and evolve your practice, service or product.

Building bridges between research and practice

Annegrete operates as a creative link between your research and the final service or product. She offers you excellent idea development services for transforming your gathered research or information into creative outputs – be they methods, services or physical products. Systematic analysis, precise conceptual thinking, and creative synthesis methods facilitate this transformation.


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