Annegrete regularly develops and facilitates workshops as part of her teaching practice, often as collaborations with academics or professional design practitioners.

These intensive learning experiences last between one and three days, and seek to explore communication design, practice-led research, the design process, and visual methods. The workshops take the form of on-site visual explorations of a given subject, or explorations in local communities. In both cases, communication design is applied to facilitate a visual understanding and critical commentary of simple or complex issues around a given situation.

Core learning objectives are:

Research-led design

  • Bridging theory and practice: understanding how to develop kreative practice through a given set of theories.
  • Understanding how analysis can inform synthesis.


The design process

  • Understanding different approaches to the design process through exploring a subject outside its traditional context.
  • Working in multi-disciplinary collaborations to understand similarities and differences in approaches to solving design problems.


Visualising complexity – Diagrams and graphic syntax

  • Improving understanding of diagrams and graphic syntax.
  • Developing sensitivity regarding systems design, eg, identification of elements in a system, their roles, interactions, and implications such as trade offs.
  • Improving understanding of the challenges posed when visualising complex systems.

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